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“Both a Generalist and a Specialist” 

Who we are

SBA is an international business league that shares a diverse and invaluable experience primarily with students from SKY universities, local companies, and the global world.

We provide a challenging interdisciplinary curriculum, strong alumni network, and international presence to help students become distinguished professionals in the core fields of business. As a group of intellectual driven, and socially skilled students, we aspire to be thinkers who dare to share our talent with local companies and the global world for the better.

Our vision

Our vision is to gather students with business insights, communication skills, and a strong drive to grow as a Specialist in one of the fields of Business Strategy, Marketing, and Finance and as a Generalist that encompasses all three fields.

Interdisciplinary Learning
Global Expertise
Business Network

SBA is consisted of Finance, Business Strategy, and Marketing teams. Each member will join one of the three teams.

All SBA members develop a comprehensive understanding of business through Ground Sessions, where all three teams share knowledge together.

To successfully understand the global business environment and to hold a competitive edge, all SBA Ground Sessions are conducted in English. SBA also interacts with various business leagues from prestigious universities overseas.

We actively communicate with more than 350 SBA alumni dispersed in various fields including financial companies, conglomerates, public corporations, foreign companies, and startups, through regular alumni networking events and Ground Sessions.

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