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Recruiting Process

Application Due
Febuary 29,


The initial application stage requires three essays in either Korean or English.


Please share your motivations for applying to SBA, your goals for the upcoming semester, and why you would be a great fit to collaborate with us!

Individual Fit Interview
March 1~2,

The first interview is an individual interview to identify each applicant’s personality and style.

This will be done in Korean for about 20 minutes. Here, we aim to find out the applicant's fit with SBA through questions based on the submitted application form.

Group Case Interview
March 3,

For the second interview, applicants will be asked to solve a business case. In a group of 4-5, applicants will first select a language they are comfortable with, either English or Korean. They will discuss with each other based on the given business case for 40 minutes. They will be given 20 minutes afterwards to make a presentation in English. Follow-up questions may be asked. 


Through the group interview, we aim to find out the applicant's problem analysis ability, logical reasoning capability, attitude, and role during team play.

Results Announcement
March 3,


All candidates will be contacted individually.

What we look for

SBA aims to grow into a specialist in one of the three areas of finance, management strategy and marketing, and a generalist in the three areas.


Those who are undergraduate students attending Seoul National University, Yonsei University or Korea University

and can participate in two or more consecutive semesters are all qualified to apply. (Applicable regardless of major or class)



Strong Drive



Acquiring new knowledge requires a variety of skills, including cognitive skills, creativity, and system thinking. We look for talent to grow into a specialist who can leverage professional knowledge and data.


Communication Skills

SBA aims to grow through active exchange of views and discussions. We look for talent to grow into a generalist who interacts, sympathizes with, and cultivates broad knowledge with other team members, as well as his own team.


Strong Drive

Each member’s will and contribution are important to achieve the best results from various projects that are carried out every semester. We look for talent who can show his or her potential with passion

1. The due date for this application is Thursday, August 31, 9:00 PM.
    We will send you a confirmation email within 24 hours.


2. Your application form should be based on facts and your own experience.


3. Your application form may be written in either Korean or English. 

Submit your application form to 
Applications received after the due date will not be reviewed.

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