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19 Years of History, 400 Alumni


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Startups by SBA Alumni

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Alumni Messages

SangHoon Shin (4)

Next Match (Amanda) Founder, Green Labs Founder


At SBA, I met colleagues full of entrepreneurship with whom I entered the world of startups. It is an honor and a privilege to be able to surround myself among alumni and colleagues who have  become successful entrepreneurs. To this day, SBA community continues to motivate me to strive for self-improvement.

HyungKil Han (6)

BCG, SK Holdings


The greatest advantage of SBA is its diversity and practicality. With members from different schools, you will be exposed to a variety of perspectives. You will gain practical insights by engaging with companies and alumni in the field. These are essential values in the consulting industry that helped me adapt quickly in BCG.

SangWoo Park (18)

Samsung Electronics

SBA has many alumni working in various fields. If you want to think about your career, experience the business process, and listen to vivid stories, I recommend SBA. I was able to decide my career path through various activities at SBA. I was able to broaden my understanding of finance, strategy, and marketing as a whole.


GiBeom Kim (25)

Goldman Sachs

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SBA is a global business association consisting of members from various industries. I was able to expand my perspective from the weekly sessions with friends of different backgrounds. I was able to set up my career with advice from alumni in various industries such as finance, conglomerates, startups, and foreign companies.

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