Dear Reader,

Hello, we are the 36th chairmen of the International Business League, SBA.

Based on three universities and three business teams, SBA gathers students to excel in market analysis and strategy establishment, and get hands on experience through industry-academic cooperative projects.

The diversity that SBA offers will serve as a solid foundation for whatever career path you choose. However, SBA is not just a solution to finding an answer to deciding your career. Our main focus lies on constant growth, both as a generalist as well as a specialist.

Through a comprehensive curriculum, SBA members will be challenged to actively and effectively analyze the business markets.

More than 350 SBA Alumni have made numerous achievements as global leaders in leading conglomerates, foreign companies, financial institutions, consulting firms, startups, and legal firms. Our alumni are representative of SBA’s strong network between people of similar disposition and passion.

Now, we await future SBA members who are ready for a challenging experience to become global minds that inspire the world.

Thank you.

Jiyoon Park

President, Korea University German L&L

Jieun Yoon

Vice President, Korea University Spanish L&L

Yeonkeong Lee

Vice President, Korea University Division of International Studies

Academic Advisors


Professor Wujin Chu

Seoul National Universtiy


SBA is a single-roofed society that deals with three areas of business administration: finance, management strategy, and marketing. It will be a valuable opportunity to develop expertise in one area and to build and fuse knowledge in other areas. We welcome global talent who will lead the future with a broader perspective through a rich domestic human network and exchanges with outstanding students from all over the world.


Professor Jae Young Lee

Yonsei Universtiy


Various encounters and experiences in college are a must-go process while searching for a career. SBA is a society where students with various majors gather to learn and apply business management knowledge at Seoul National University, Yonsei University, and Korea University. While people from different backgrounds gather together to study and do various activities, SBA members will grow further. I'm sure that SBAians will be able to find the right path for them through various human exchanges, not limited to academic and empirical achievements.

Screen Shot 2021-01-10 at 8.31.37 PM.png

Professor Ji-Woong Chung

Korea Universtiy


With the development of technology, the boundaries between countries have long been broken down and the era of free cross-border exchanges has opened. SBA is a great opportunity to develop both a globalized and diversified understanding of business administration. Through activities and interactions within the team, you will be able to gain a holistic understanding of business administration that you must learn, and the deep knowledge you need as an expert in one field in the future. Joining together as a future SBAian will be the best choice for your college life.