The finance team studies theories related to corporate finance and utilize them to analyze a company's actual financial situation.

The goal is to develop analytical skills based on understanding the overall economy and the market.

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35th Manager Yoonji Park

Previous Output 

During the Fall semester of 2020, SBA Finance team analyzed the financial reports of two industry leading Korean corporations and performed business valuations using the Discounted Cash Flow method and Comparable Company Analysis method. The team further built on these valuation models through in-depth corporate and industry analyses to produce stock pitch reports.


The team curriculum in the upcoming Spring semester of 2021 will aim for members to establish a strong understanding of the overall economy and familiarize with reading financial statements and interpreting key financial figures. Team members will be able to apply these skills to analyzing various companies and use Excel to perform valuation modeling.

Upcoming Curriculum

Week 1: Basics of Finance and Accounting
Study the fundamental theories and concepts of finance and accounting required for the purpose of our curriculum.


Week 2: Understanding Financial Statements
Practice how to handle and utilize corporate financial statements.

Learn how to locate financial statements of a company, understand each significant line item, analyze the company's revenue stream and more.


Week 3: Comps Valuation (McDonald’s)
Learn how to conduct valuation using Comparable Company Analysis.
Analyze the financial statements of McDonald's, identify proper peer companies to compare, and observe its current market activities.


Week 4&5: Final Project (Nike, P&G)
Perform an in-depth research into Nike and P&G, perform Comps analysis for each company and write a consolidated financial report based on the teams' findings and insights.

Business Strategy

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Business Strategy

The business strategy team presents strategies based on key enterprise and market analysis in each session.

Members develop comprehensive analysis capabilities and logic that leads to strategic thinking.

35th Manager Hayeong Jeong

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Previous Output 

Previously in business strategy team, after the brief introduction of business strategy through 101 session, we started working on closed case. We practiced basic disciplines of business strategy through Coca-cola’s case, and then moved on to the other industrial cases of Posco and Homeplus. Through industry-Academic Cooperation with ‘Blondy’, experienced how real companies deals with the problem and the market.

Upcoming Curriculum

Week 1 : Strategy 101 + Closed Case

Study the overall theory and methodology of business strategy and provide basic guidelines for the future projects. Practice the closed case problems to get to the answer logically by applying those basics.

Week 2 : Industry case study

Using real industrial cases, learn how to identify problems and deduce solutions. By selecting a specific company, we back trace the company’s problem-solving progress and logically explains how things happened. 

Week 3&4&5 : Industry-Academic Cooperation

Conducts industry-academic cooperation with domestic manufacturing company so that members can analyze the industry in depth and seek strategies from the perspective of a particular company.

The project will be proceeded in order of : 

1.   Business understanding and Data collection

2.   Data analyzation and Problem identification

3.   Strategy establishment and Alumni feedback


The marketing team strengthens creative and critical thinking through analyzing and establishing marketing strategies based on company cases. Members can further get field experience through suggesting strategies for cooperating corporates.

고층 건물

35th Manager Jeanha Moon

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Previous Output 

During the Fall semester of 2020, Marketing team first focused on learning marketing processes and techniques through case studies of Denmark Yogurt and Spotify. In the case of Spotify, marketing team developed in-depth research of the market and suggested entry strategies. We also received a task from our Alumni which allowed us to actually go through the branding processes of Eddie Bauer and come up with different marketing strategies. Through the start-up alliance with 'Donggle', we offered helpful insights regarding user-friendly UIUX, targeting the millenials, etc.

Upcoming Curriculum

Week 1: Marketing Strategy

Learn and practice marketing processes necessary for establishing strategies through concepts such as environment and market analysis.


Week 2: Consumer Needs Identification & IMC Planning

Identify underlying needs of consumers and derives creative IMC strategies that can satisfy such.


Week 3:  Branding & IMC Planning

Suggest branding strategies through identifying and analyzing actual problems that companies are going through.

Week 4&5 Corporate Alliance

Cooperate with companies, offering optimal strategies that reflect the clients’ needs and current market / company situations.