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The finance team studies theories related to corporate finance and utilize them to analyze a company's actual financial situation.
The goal is to develop analytical skills based on understanding the overall economy and the market.

도시 스카이

40th Manager Jeon Byungkyu


Previous Output 

In the previous Fall semester of 2022, the Finance Team analyzed financial reports of major companies and performed valuations using the DCF (Discounted Cash Flow) and Comps (Valuation by Comparables) methods.


The team kicked off by introducing basic financial concepts and theories that are required for the curriculum (Basic concepts of accounting & finance, Comps/DCF modeling basics, Excel, etc.).


On weeks 2 and 3, the team performed Comps and DCF valuation of Activision Blizzard(ticker: ATVI), applying theories in real life. In the final weeks, the Finance team split in two and conducted a stock pitch on Estee Lauder(ticker: EL) and Hershey(ticker: HSY). 


Both terms conducted in-depth corporate and industry analysis along with valuation via DCF and Comps, each ultimately producing an equity report.

Upcoming Curriculum

Week 1: Finance 101 & Modeling Basics
In the first week, the team will study the fundamental theories of finance and accounting, including the basics of financial modeling. 

Week 2: Comps Valuation
In the second week, the team will conduct a Comps valuation by analyzing a company’s financial statements, market activities, and peer companies. 

Week 3: DCF Valuation
In the third week, the team will conduct a DCF valuation by analyzing a company’s financial statements and forecasting its future cash flow generation potential. 

Week 4&5: Stock Pitch
In the final weeks, the team will split up into two, and each group will conduct a stock pitch on a chosen company implementing methods studied in the previous three weeks. The team will produce a holistic analysis of the company, analyzing the discrepancy between a company’s market and intrinsic values.

Business Strategy

NYC Skyline BW

40th Manager Hwang Sejung

Previous Output 

Upcoming Curriculum

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During the Fall semester of 2023, the Business Strategy team focused on cultivating logical thinking and structuring analytical processes to foster problem-solving abilities. Our team internalized basic methodologies that would aid in identifying fundamental problems and constructing necessary frameworks for solving business cases. Extensive research on the related industrial fields and their respective strategies was conducted to support the logical framework.

During the 1st week, the Business Strategy team worked on projects based on HBR cases. The first case study involved analyzing Tesla, one of the world’s largest EV manufacturers. Our team chose the methodology of closed-case, without any usage of external sources of information to discern crucial data and improve deductive reasoning. We then came up with strategies to maximize the market share of Tesla within the EV market.


For the 2nd and 5th week, we worked on two open case studies, opened up for research on corporate business model and relevant contemporary issues. The first open case study dealt with Netflix, the market leader of OTT service platform. To determine the reasons for Netflix's sales downturn, we conducted research on the revenue model, service pain-points, and strengths. We proposed strategies regarding new market entry and structural changes in platform to overcome the current crisis. The last open case study was on Hyundai Card. We evaluated whether the domestic introduction of Apple Pay would be a performance-wise beneficial decision for Hyundai Card. To supplement logic, we assessed the short/long term risks that Hyundai Card must take and made guesstimations on the profits that Hyundai Card can generate.

In weeks 3 and 4, we collaborated with I’m web, a corporate which provide web construction services. The company wanted to penetrate a new global market, especially the US. We conducted IDIs and surveys to potential customers, then identified the key success factors for global market entry. Based on the current pain-points from foreign e-commerce sellers, we derived directions and specific strategies for I’m Web. Our team actively communicated with I’m Web by sharing strategy establishment results and feedback. The company even offered a sequential project to the whole team after the final presentation.

Week 1: Strategy 101 + Closed Case

Study the overall basic theories and skillsets of business strategy. Practice the logical process of getting to the answer through Harvard business case problems. The case-solving will proceed in the order of:

  1. Understanding the business and analyzing information provided in the case

  2. Identifying problems and setting up a framework to solve the case

  3. Research information to come up with effective strategies

  4. Building strategies and receiving feedback


Week 2&3: Closed-Case

Conduct in-depth industry and market research by analyzing business reports and articles. Construct and evaluate business strategies based on external and internal analysis. The case-solving will proceed in the order of:

  1. Understanding the business / industry through desk research

  2. Analyze reasons for the current downturn of the corporate 

  3. Research information to come up with effective strategies

  4. Building strategies and receiving feedback


Week 4&5: Corporate Alliance Project

Conduct a Corporate Alliance Project with a startup company to deeply analyze the industry and experience the actual problem-solving process. The project will proceed in the order of:

  1. Understanding the business and collecting data based on market research

  2. Analyzing data and identifying problems

  3. Building strategies and receiving feedback after presentation


Business Strategy

The business strategy team presents strategies based on key enterprise and market analysis in each session.
Members develop comprehensive analysis capabilities and logic that leads to strategic thinking.


The marketing team strengthens creative and critical thinking through analyzing and establishing marketing strategies based on company cases. Members can further get field experience by suggesting strategies for cooperating corporates.

고층 건물

40th Manager Choi Juhyeon

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Screenshot 2023-08-11 at 20.18.39.png
Screenshot 2023-08-13 at 12.23.42.png
Screenshot 2023-08-11 at 20.19.59.png

Previous Output 

During the Spring semester of 2023, the Marketing Team focused on not only learning various marketing tools and research methods but also applying them in real-life marketing situations. The team learned and applied basic marketing frameworks such as SWOT and STP as well as various types of marketing strategies such as viral marketing, branding, and marketing communications.

In the first three weeks, the Marketing Team collaborated with Trineedle to provide overseas marketing strategies. Our team engaged in desk research for the first week, to identify market segments that are appropriate for Trineedle’s current product. On week 2, we conducted surveys to further collect insights and evaluate appropriate marketing strategies. In the last week of the project, we offered marketing strategies and specific steps to support Trineedle’s launch in the U.S. market.

In the last two weeks, we solved a real-life marketing problem of ABinBev provided by one of SBA’s Alumni. Our team focused on one of ABinBev’s brands: Hand & Malt, and suggested brand partnership strategies to improve its brand image. For BI (Brand Identity) improvement, the Marketing Team started by devising a new copywriting message to strengthen Hand & Malt’s BI, and suggested 5 possible collaboration ideas.

Upcoming Curriculum

Week 1-3: Corporate Alliance Project 1 
Our team will start off with our first corporate alliance project with ‘Kakao Entertainment’s’ focused on the company's global expansion strategy. The corporate alliance will be conducted in the order of:
1. Research foreign market to understand its market size, customers, and trends
2. Conduct surveys and IDI (in-depth-interview) for a deeper understanding of foreign market users

3. Devise global marketing strategies


Week 4-5: Corporate Alliance Project 2 & 3
Marketing team members will be divided into two teams to solve 2 different corporate marketing cases.

The first team will be involved in a corporate alliance project with a global gift sending platform, ‘SodaGift’ to focus on market research and persona setting.

The corporate alliance will be conducted in the order of:

1. Research major competitors and specify target segment

2. Further evaluate the target segments through surveys and IDI (in-depth-interview)

3. Devise marketing persona and suggest marketing strategies

The second team will focus on data analysis and marketing contents development with a FinTech startup, ‘Monee Lab’.

The corporate alliance will be conducted in the order of:

1. Analyze customer data provided by company

2. Devise marketing contents and suggest appropriate online channels

3. Evaluate the performance by examining corporate data

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