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I don't have much knowledge about business, can I apply?

Although having prior knowledge of finance, marketing and strategy can help, it is not required. SBA’s curriculum is designed to provide essential knowledge for those who may be exposed to the field of business for the first time. In fact, SBA consists of students and alumni from various majors outside of business.

Do I get to learn finance, management strategy, and marketing all together?

Members of SBA aim to become a generalist and a specialist in one area of business studies. Although you will be assigned to one of the three aforementioned teams to focus on a particular area, we listen to other teams’ presentations, exchange feedback, and gain knowledge in other areas during Ground Sessions. Moreover, after the first semester of your participation, you may switch to different teams to focus on another area of your interest.

How much time would I be devoting to SBA?

Ground Session and after-party are held every Saturday, so you should be able to fully invest in SBA on Saturdays. In addition, teams meet three to four times each week (excluding weekends) to prepare for the session. There will be no activities during the exam period, leaving no significant impact on your grades.

Must I participate for two consecutive semesters?

It is a rule that all the members be active for two consecutive semesters. However, in the case of exchange student programs, etc., members are allowed to participate in the remaining semester after returning.

Do I get extra points if I fill out the application form in English?

That is not true.

The application form is in English, but you can write in either Korean or English and there will be no extra points given to neither of the languages.

How well do I have to speak English to participate in SBA?

While Team Sessions throughout the weekdays are usually conducted in Korean, the remaining activities including the Ground Sessions require that members draft and present their research outputs in English. Therefore, fluency is not a must, but you may face some difficulty if you are uncomfortable with the language. Generally speaking, students who were able to take courses in English and complete respective assignments successfully participated in our sessions.

Will SBA sessions affect my school grades?

There will be no academic sessions during the exam period. This allows you to focus on preparing for exams and thus, your grades will not be affected that much.

I submitted my application.

When can I know my first interview time?

We plan to contact you individually by 12:00 on September 1st, Friday. However, please understand that it may take longer as we have to read all the applications and proceed with the interviews carefully.

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